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Certified Master Inspector® – Completed more than 1,000 inspections and/or hours of Continuing Education, have been in the home inspection Cincinnati business for more than three years, abide by the Master Inspector Certification Board’s strict Code of Ethics, and have agreed to a criminal background check.

FAA Certified Remote Pilot –  Drone Inspections of any roof or chimney we can not safely access. This offers a unique perspective and provides our clients with additional information.

Same Day Report Delivery – We Schedule ample time for the inspection +  deliver your report the same day – guaranteed.

Fast Communication – Calls go directly to your inspector, not an answering service. We respond to emails and texts almost immediately.

Thorough Inspection – We walk every roof we can safely access and crawl through all accessible crawlspaces and attics to provide a thorough home inspection report.

Full Time Inspector – Punctual, professional and thoroughly honest while working to set reasonable expectations and educating our clients about the home they are purchasing.

Tools, Tools, Tools – Investment in high end products and the latest technology to improve the quality of our home inspection. (We have a drone camera, thermal camera, moisture meter, bore-scope, gas leak detector, several ladders of various heights (10ft – 32ft), a dedicated service vehicle, and many other exciting things)

Professional Policy – Work behind the scenes on several policy implementations that protect our clients, such as sending emails to the selling parties with instructions on how to have the house prepared prior to the home inspection.

FSBO Friendly – Provide ways to tighten up “For Sale By Owner” transactions to protect our client and improve the overall home inspection experience.

Out-Of-State Client Support – Online invoicing so clients can pay for their home inspection from anywhere in the country. Dedicated phone review time to go over your inspection.

Realtor Association Affiliate – Access to directly schedule home inspection Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky online with E-Key or combination lock access so that there is rarely a complication with scheduling or access to the property.

Testimonials From Cincinnati And Northern Kentucky:

We hired Chad based on his excellent reviews online and initial phone conversation and we're glad we did. It is rare to find honest professionals in the real estate business and Chad certainly embodied that. We appreciated the time spent with us to understand our unique reasons the home was important to us so he could provide thorough reports. He went above and beyond the required minimum and will earn future business from us because of the rapport we've built. The inspection process can make or break a contract and I slept well at night knowing I had great representation. I appreciated his insights, flexibility for scheduling, knowledge and importance he placed on what was best for us, his clients. I cannot say enough great things about why Chad should be trusted to inspect your future home.
Lauren Vogelpohl
18:19 28 Oct 17
Chad is fantastic and knowledgeable in all aspects of his trade. He is candid, down to earth, and incredibly detailed. Chad is also not afraid to tell you what he is not as informed of and very trustful, so you feel confident in your decision. We were in the process of spending a lot of money to buy our dream home. Although Chad allowed us to make our own decision, he gave us the pros and cons of certain issues and effectively allowed us to make our own choice to walk away from what could have been a money pit. We are still in our search and will continue to use Chad to help us make the right decision.
Jamison Torok
00:55 30 Oct 17
Our experience with Chad from Slab to Slate has been absolutely wonderful. We had an offer down on a house that Chad came in and inspected for us, and thank goodness he did. He caught what most home inspectors wouldn't catch inside a deep, dark crawl space. He saved us over $30,000.00 on repairs we would have ended up paying if we went forward with that home. Not to mention, our first inspection with Chad he spent over 3 hours with us going over every little detail so that my boyfriend and I understood what exactly was going on. We called him back a second time to inspect another house and again, Chad noticed a foundation issue right away. He cancelled termite immediately before they got there (saved me $60.00) and he did a quick inspection because we knew right away we weren't going forward with the house. He ended up charging us half of what it normally costs. What a great dude! He will definitely be called on our third (and hopefully last) inspection! I highly recommend Chad!
Caitlin Davis
14:29 24 Sep 17
Let me start with saying Chad is very professional, polite and thorough. I ended up having him perform two inspections for me after he found some rather troubling structural problems with the first house. About a month later I had Chad perform a second inspection on another property and he was very thorough from top to bottom, inside to outside. One thing that I really liked about him compared to other inspectors is he invited me to tag along with him during the whole inspection so he could explain anything and I could ask questions. He's very informative and has a vast amount of knowledge about home improvement and how things should be structurally. His prices are very reasonable and transparent, I feel as if i got more then my money's worth out of my inspection. I highly recommend Chad to all my friends and family, I know I will be using Slab to Slate for my next property.
Corbin Scherzinger
19:01 19 Aug 17
As an out-of-state buyer, I was really impressed with ALL the very high reviews concerning Slab to Slate. Working with Chad proved all the reviews to be spot-on. If all professionals took as much pride in their work! Chad treats his clients the way he would like to be treated---quite the impressive inspector. Slab to Slate is a good deal.
Mark LeBlanc
10:36 19 Sep 17
Great Service! I highly recommend Chad from Slab to Slate, he is professional and informative! When he inspected our house, I walked through with Chad during the inspection, He informed me about issues he seen, explained what Would need to be done to fix or prevent issues and went into detail explaining any questions I had. His report is very organized, professional and informative. Money well spent!
01:18 08 Nov 17
I'm a first time home buyer and didn't know much going into the home inspection. Chad was extremely thorough in his inspection and found several things I'm not sure other inspectors would've noticed. He walked me through the process and taught me a lot about what to look for when buying a home. The inspection report he provided was user friendly and easy to follow. He truly saved me from being stuck with a money pit house! I plan to use Chad for any future home inspections I may need. I would absolutely recommend Slab to Slate!
Jennifer Goodpaster
18:42 15 Dec 17
I am very grateful that I did my research and came across Slab to Slate Inspections, LLC. Chad was very professional from the beginning to the end of the inspection process. I was unable to attend the scheduled inspection, but he kept me informed every step of the way by either phone call or text messaging. Chad’s inspection was very thorough and I appreciated the fact that he attached pictures and videos to his report. The report was easy to follow and still very detailed. His expertise and honesty saved me thousands of dollars and just as many headaches. I will continue to do business with Chad and I’d highly recommend him to anyone who could use his services.
00:03 10 Jan 18
Chad is the best home inspector I've encountered during any of my home purchases. I hired him to inspect a home that we've since removed a bid on. Had that sale moved forward with items that he was able to identify, it would have cost us upwards of 22k to resolve in full. When we found a new property that we bid on I hired Chad to do the assessment again. Luckily, we didn't run into any of the issues with the first home, and Chad made a trip outside his normal area to do the inspection. He's very personable and offers information and insight I haven't received from any inspector I've dealt with in the past. He'll be the first person I call anytime we're looking at new properties in the future.
Gary L. Holbrook II
04:07 20 Feb 18
My experience with Slab to Slate was exceptional. Chad is an inspector that you can trust. He has saved me thousands. He pays attention to details and cares about his customers. He does a great job educating you about the home you are looking to purchase. He is timely, accessible, and professional. The reporting process and payment process were simple and easy to navigate. As long as I am in the Cincinnati area, this is the only inspection company I will work with.
Christina Campbell
15:12 28 Feb 18
Chad was super thorough. Because we were first-time home buyers purchasing a home from the 1890s, we had a lot of concerns. Originally the inspection seemed like something to fear because we loved the house and didn't want to find big ticket fixes (structural, electric, plumbing, etc), but at the same time, we needed an inspector who was thorough. We were super impressed with the inspection through Slab to Slate. He generated a list of concerns and it really helped up to make an informed decision. We had a great experience!
Madison Smith
14:58 28 Feb 18
Chad is excellent! He is very informative and takes the time to make sure everything is understood. The breakdown of his report is easy to understand and organized. There was nothing left un examined between slab and slate, this is the company you want when making any home purchase.
Caito Potato
15:58 15 Mar 18
We've used Chad twice now. Very thorough, and his report interface has been upgraded to an even more easy to navigate format for the lay-person. Always willing to follow-up with your questions that will certainly have as you settle into your home.
Joey Sandmann
13:11 23 Apr 18
Chad was extremely helpful through the entire inspection process. His inspection of the property was very thorough, and included a detailed, yet easy to understand report. As a first-time home buyer, his willingness to answer questions both during and after the inspection was very beneficial, and I would highly recommend his services.
Jeremy Spitzig
23:06 18 May 18
Slab to Slate Home Inspections would definitely be the company to call if you want a thorough home inspection from a person who really knows real estate. Chad was great from start to finish. The report he provided was extremely easy to navigate and understand. It was packed full of information so that you could futher look into what was found on inspection. Chad is honest and super knowledgeable......exactly what you need when purchasing a home. Thanks for the great experience!
Denise Arlinghaus
02:45 26 May 18
With a unique situation for an inspection of our home (not selling nor buying), we hired Slab to Slate. Chad exceeded our expectations. Not only did Chad provide a professional inspection and report, Chad provided a thorough high-quality inspection that confirmed our suspicions and identified significant and moderate concerns that we were unaware of and provided a comprehensive detailed report that itemized each concern and included resources and recommendations for remedy.
Jenny Davis
11:58 05 Jun 18
March 2018 Chad was great. He performed a home inspection for a home we we're looking to buy. He was friendly, and explained what he was doing through out the process. June 2018 Had Chad out again to do another home inspection for my wife and I. This home had a different architecture then the last home and he was just as knowledgeable. I would recommend Chad to anyone who is looking for a home inspector.
Ian Crosser
15:15 22 Jun 18
On June 2018, Chad did house inspection for me. He was extremely professional and helpful throughout and after the inspection. He did a thorough inspection on the property and gave me a very detail report. He shares lots of house maintenance knowledge during inspection. After inspection, I asked him additional questions in email and he gave me very detailed written advice and pictures which are easy to understand. I highly recommend his inspection work.
Minqi Li
14:34 30 Jun 18
Extremely thorough. Will answer any question you have regarding the house you are having inspected. The exact House Inspector you need. Book quickly!
Lori Hess
14:11 06 Jul 18
Chad was very detailed in his report. He went above and beyond! He caught things most inspectors would not and we plan to use him for our next inspection. He was also very friendly and could easily relay information back to us in easy terms.
Annie Pryatel
12:51 20 Jul 18
Chad was Awesome! Answered all my questions and gave me helpful tips during the inspection. He was thorough and helped make my first time buying a house painless and less stressful. Thanks!
Brad Bates
16:02 27 Jul 18
Working with Chad makes you a better homebuyer. He is thorough and understands the bigger picture. If he sees an issue he inspects until he finds the cause, not just merely reporting a symptom. It gives you a much more accurate understanding of what needs to be addressed, how, and when.
Kelly Gray
22:26 12 Aug 18
Chad was very thorough in his inspection and his report was very easy to follow and read through. We received the inspection report the very next day and it was very detailed. Highly recommended!
Ada Kuang
13:58 24 Aug 18
I called Chad to help with the final 1-yr walkthrough of my home which was new construction. Chad was great at listening to my concerns, pinpointing things I'd overlooked and providing a very thorough inspection. Chad is polite, professional, and patient as he walked me through all the details. He explained different issues he discovered and how to go about remedying them. His report was extremely detailed and provided a great resource as I finalize the repairs with my builder. Over all hiring Slab and Slate was a great experience that was both informative and helpful. I will have Chad come inspect the repair works and highly recommend him.
Sidney Fritts
01:42 31 Aug 18
Chad was very thorough. Issues were documented professionally with technical explanations. All issues found were explained and demonstrated to us throughout the inspection. Money well spent.
Ben Bugenstein
13:29 13 Sep 18
Chad was amazing! As a first time home buyer, the inspection process can be extremely intimidating but he really takes the time to break it down and walk you through everything and explains things in layman's terms which is refreshing. He spent 5 hours at the property with me and after reading through the report, I decided to take his advice and walk away from what would have been an uninformed purchase. I'm definitely planning on using him again when I find the right home!
Kelly Kinsella
18:59 17 Sep 18
In short, Chad is the best home inspector in the Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati area. I have worked with him professionally, but would not hesitate to refer him to friends and family.
Daniel Andresen
19:51 25 Sep 18
I’m a owner operator of a home inspection company Northern Kentucky inspections of Florence I will be sending all my overflow to this man. He is honest and a man of integrity after being hired for a home inspection were the Realtor was denying me access because he was afraid I would do my job. After the inspection we spent 30 minutes on the phone and got the whole true story thanks again our sorry realtor is now calling me asking if he could sit down with me and clear the air after three months this should be very good!
Robert Wells
02:32 21 Oct 18
Chad was awesome. He was very thorough, explained things well, and was personable throughout the experience. As a first time home buyer, he really saved me from buying a dud. I would highly recommend Slab to Slate's services to anyone looking to buy a new home!
Paul Adams
14:20 22 Oct 18
Chad is a cut above most because you can tell that he actually takes pride in his work and believes in doing his best. This shows in every step of his process. I’d definitely recommend him to a friend or family member.
Andrew Miller
00:01 22 Oct 18
As a first time home buyer, Chad put together a thorough inspection prior to our purchase. From top to bottom, he explained his findings and showed us specific items to be on the lookout for. We received his report in a timely manner and he was also easily available to answer questions after we received his report.
Ryan Gautschi
14:19 17 Nov 18
Chad did an excellent job! He has an eye for everything and takes you personally on the inspection to show you all the pluses and minuses in the house. He caught some major issues that the first two inspectors had missed. I would highly recommend Chad for any inspection! Can not say enough great things about him.
Nick Hamilton
02:02 19 Nov 18
Highly recommend Chad! He was extremely thorough, explained things in layman’s terms, and delivered a very helpful and detailed report within hours of completing the inspection. I appreciated all the pictures that he included in the report as well!
Emily Romans
17:52 29 Nov 18
Excellent home inspection. Chad was very knowledgeable and did a thorough inspection. Saved my son from buying a house that had some very serious and costly issues that were not apparent during the walk-through. Inspection was well worth the cost as it would have cost over 100x the inspection cost to fix the issues.
Steven Curry
22:22 11 Dec 18
Chad is a terrific inspector with great attention to details. We have dealt with many inspectors in the past and the quality of his work and the reporting of his work is unmatched. He saved us from a disaster with his thorough examination. Highly recommend!!
Matt Staley
12:44 12 Dec 18
Chad did a great job on our home inspection. He actually took the time to go up on and inside all roof areas of the home including the garage. Chad went in all the crawl spaces as well, which isn’t an easy job. Chad opened every window and turned on every faucet and light in the home. Your possible home staying dry should be a priority for any buyer and this is defiantly a priority for Chad. I’d recommend slab to slate to anyone, I’ll defiantly be calling Chad again for any future home purchases.
G F. F.
15:52 21 Dec 18
Chad with Slab to Slate Home Inspection did an incredible job on a recent inspection of a duplex rental property. Like the other comments mention he is professional, incredibly detailed and knowledgeable. Since he has a love for homes and remodeling he has an in-depth knowledge that many inspectors lack. He knows the local market and doesn't hesitate to tell you the truth to protect your investment. He was patient and explained everything he was reporting during the walk thru and even included a drone roof inspection. On top of that he had my 51 page report back to me the same day. His inspection saved me from investing in a property with thousands in repairs that I wasn't aware of. He is licensed for termite inspections in Ohio and since he doesn't operate under a franchise his prices are extremely competitive. I've had many home inspectors and I will put him right at the top.
Jeremy Sharp
18:47 08 Jan 19
Chad is extremely easy to reach and goes above and beyond in his inspections. He offered to contact someone who had done previous work in the home we were buying to ask about the status of the warranty, he explained everything he was seeing and what that could mean, and was very straightforward and honest about issues without exaggerating. He may not be as well liked by real estate agents since he will tell you the whole truth about a property, but in my book that is a good thing 🙂
Amber Stehlik
01:04 09 Jan 19
Awesome Experience! Very professional and knowledgeable. Found issues that I would have never known to find and provided a very detailed easy to read report that helped guide me in my home buying process. Would recommend Slab to Slate to anyone looking for a home inspector prior to buying a home.
Joe Fessler
14:35 09 Jan 19
Chad was, in a word, incredible. He was friendly, personable and extremely knowledgeable. The inspection took about 4 hours and he thoroughly checked every square inch of the house. He discovered issues that were not disclosed by the seller. He explained possible fixes and solutions as well, large or small. He helped me avoid a potentially costly mistake! I was afraid the inspection would be the most stressful part of the process, but with Chad, it was an engaging and educational experience. The report was sent to me within 3 hours of the end of the inspection as well! I will thoroughly recommend him to friends and family. I'll continue to use him until I find the perfect house.
David D. Lumsden
12:59 14 Jan 19
This is the best inspection and inspector you could possibly find if you’re buying a home. Chad is incredibly detail oriented and took his time on the house, finding issues and talking through what we needed to be very concerned about, less concerned about, and things we just needed to be aware of. Invest in this man, every penny will be so well spent. Thanks chad!
Samuel Sonday
14:56 29 Jan 19
We hired Chad to inspect a century old farmhouse in Campbell County, KY. Although it was a charming property we had fallen in love with, he uncovered several issues that are definitely beyond our level of knowledge and skill set. He literally left no stone or brick unturned, and spent 3 1/2 hours from roof to foundation documenting all that was imperative for us to know prior to signing a contract. His report included a multitude of photographs, as well as videos. We were grateful for his policy to have us there as he did his job; it was extremely informative and educational. He patiently answered all of our questions and explained all necessary systems of the dwelling. His written report came to us within a few hours! It was easy to understand, color coded and even had links to other helpful articles. We sadly chose not to invest in the home, but ultimately feel like Chad spared us from getting in over our heads, when our hearts might have allowed us to jump in. We would highly recommend him- he’s worth more than 5 stars!!read more
Elysia Andrews
02:43 16 Feb 19
I was hesitating at first on getting a house inspection for a new condo, as the inspector for the builder insured me everything was fine and up to code. I am so glad I decided to go ahead with my instincts and get an inspection, Chad of Slab to Slate is absolutely the best, gave me excellent advice and was very true and honest through the entire inspection. Explained everything he found along the way, spent considerable time testing and visually inspecting critical components of the condo and allowed me to follow along while he explained what he was doing each step of the way. His repost was very easy to read and understand and also included pictures and videos. I would highly suggest using Chad for your home inspection. If I could give 50 stars I would. Excellent, excellent, can say enough! if you want the real deal Chad is the person you want to hire.
Kim C
14:33 22 Feb 19
I highly recommend Chad. He was very professional and seemed vested into us and the house. He was very thorough, took his time, and was willing to explain or discuss any topics regarding the house. At the end, he took the time to help me game plan and collect my thoughts for what was priority/realistic to negotiate back with the builder. Obvious to most people... I would encourage you to walk side-by-side with Chad during the inspection. It will make you a strong home owner.
Matthew Peters
05:02 26 Feb 19
Chad was the best! Very knowledgeable, and he educates as he moves through the property as to what he is doing and assessing. Is able to differentiate if the property was constructed well from the beginning so you can get a good sense of the overall quality of what you may be purchasing. I highly recommend him!
Steve Price
23:26 20 Mar 19
Chad was excellent! Very knowledgeable and insightful. The best part was that not only did he find issues that needed to be addressed, he also talked us through them, the cost, and how to prevent them in the future. Would recommend him to anyone!
Nathan Gutzeit
00:39 05 Apr 19
I can see why Chad gets so many 5 star ratings. At first I wondered how this could be possible. But we hired him yesterday to look at a property we are buying. I was overwhelmed with his attention to detail. I've bought and live in numerous properties and prided myself in being able to inspect one. I learned a lot spending the afternoon following him around. He saw stuff with his keen eye that I never even thought to look at. He is incredibly responsive, and makes the whole inspection process as easy as possible. If there were six stars I'd give it to Chad.
Keith Lawrence
07:45 03 May 19
Chad was incredible. Really exceeded all my expectations. We went with Chad because he was independent (i.e. not tied to our real estate agent) and we wanted an unbiased opinion. Am I glad we did!! We were under contract on an older home and he was very thorough in his inspection and honest about what needed to be done to the home (major repairs). He didn't cut any corners and walked me through every detail of the inspection, even stopping at points to explain how certain systems worked so I could understand them better. I really appreciate all of his help. If I could give him a higher rating I would!
Heather Walsh
18:40 24 May 19
Chad was wonderful and was able to fit me onto his schedule pretty quickly. He was very nice and very professional. He took 10 second videos of every room for me which has helped tremendously since we cannot be local. Looking forward to working with him with our future properties.
Chrisy Webb
15:08 30 May 19
Chad did a great job for us. His website was easy to use and he responded promptly to our appointment request by text and then by phone. He arrived on time to the inspection. When I had to leave before the end of the inspection, he called with information about anything major he found. His report was thorough and helped us make an educated decision about buying a real fixer upper type house. The report was also delivered on time, the night of the inspection. It was detailed and easy to read. I highly recommend this inspection company!
Jennifer Klafter
22:04 19 Jun 19
Throughout the inspection process Chad was very professional and thorough. It was interesting to compare his inspection to the previous inspection done on the house only 2 years ago. It was very eye opening to see the difference in quality and attention to detail in the two reports. The slab to slate report was easily the better report, this wasn't something where he just 'nit-picked' small things these where major misses by the previous inspector.
Zach Neyer
12:23 30 Jun 19
Would highly reccomend Slab to Slate to anyone looking for a home inspection. Very thorough inspection at a good price. Friendly guy and very knowledgeable. 5 star.
Matthew Hatton
09:01 07 Jul 19
Chad did an excellent job during our home inspection. He pays attention to the details and was patient when explaining his work to us during the inspection. Chad uses an awesome program to send you pictures with a lot of details from the inspection. I have had a home inspection before and it was no where near as detailed as the one with Slab to Slate. Their scheduling and online tools make working with Slab to Slate super easy. I highly recommend this company. My husband and I were very pleased. I would like to mention that we were referred to Slab to Slate from other recent home buyers who also had good experiences with Chad, we called and got quotes from several inspectors in the NKY area and Slab to Slate had the best prices!
Melina Scanlon
16:29 08 Jul 19
Chad and Slab to Slate did an excellent job. He was very knowledgeable and took the time to explain each part of the inspection and all of the issues. He offered insight into options and things to considered with the items we discussed. He was very professional and made time to ensure all of my questions were answered. The inspection report was very thorough and user friendly. I highly recommend them.
Pat Tuley
01:54 17 Jul 19
Simply worth every penny and saved me from a home purchase that would have cost me over 60k to fix losing my value. My realtor was impressed and the report was detailed and professional. Past years I have bought homes and never had the experience and knowledge he has. Thanks for saving me on a should have been a rehab home listing instead a regular sale and I ran from that house. I am using him again on my next contract this week and know that what he taught me feom my last inspection helped me with hopefully a good house find and my forever home for myself and my son. Thank you so much!!!!
Tom Rineair
00:09 28 Jul 19
I 100% recommend Slab to Slate! Chad was extremely thorough during my home inspection, and made sure I understood what he was seeing. The inspection report was delivered in a really nice online format and color coded by severity which was very helpful. Chad also followed up after to make sure I had no questions about the report. I'd definitely use them again next time I buy a house.
Alex Morgan
15:26 27 Aug 19
Chad's inspection was incredibly thorough. He talked me through every issue he noticed as we walked through the home together, including the cause, solutions, and potential costs. As I'm a first-time homebuyer, he was willing to rephrase his explanations until I fully understood each problem. His report was delivered later that same night in a simple online format, color-coded by severity of problem, and with links and diagrams added to further illustrate the issues. I later had an engineer visit the house who remarked that Chad's was the most thorough home inspection report he'd seen. Chad even called after the inspection to follow up, and to provide advice on what to watch out for as I continue to look for other houses. I would highly recommend and will continue to use Chad / Slab to Slate for all future purchases!
Emily Zalla
18:10 10 Sep 19
Chad was great to work with and easy to communicate with. His report came back thorough and we had it by the end of the day. I'd recommend him to any prospective homebuyer.
Sam Beyer
02:53 15 Sep 19

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