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We’ve compiled some of our most often cited home inspection resources from around the internet.

Below are several resources that relate to items that you will/have found in your home inspection report. In some instances we may have already linked to them in your report. Please take the time to click through some of the links. If you already own a home or are getting ready to schedule a home inspection, you will find several documents of use.

General Home

International Residential Building Codes

Manufactured Home Standards

Kentucky Maps


Duke Energy Electric Service Manual

Aluminum Wiring Repair

Aluminum Wiring

Federal Pacific Breaker Panels

Ask The Chimney Sweep

Protecting CSST Gas Piping

Residential Deck Construction Guide

Asbestos In The Home

EPA – Indoor Air Quality

Repointing Mortar Joints on Historic Buildings

GAF Attic and Roof Ventilation Calculator

About Attic Ventilation

Vermiculite Insulation


Raccoon Latrines

Raccoon Latrines 2

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